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Planetworks is an International Sales, Licensing and Distribution company exclusively representing and distributing independent record labels abroad. Both physical and digital, our services enable labels, managers and artists to release, promote and distribute their products easily and effectively into the global music marketplace as a turnkey solution. 

Despite what many believe in this era of online digital distribution and social music marketing, physical CDs still sell, a lot!  But, simply making them available on a website and/or listing them through online merchant data feeds is not enough. You need the right players on board who will advocate for your label/products at retail, while making your product line widely available to consumers at the right place, at the right time, and at the right price point.

Having an extensive distribution network, we supply products to distributors for an official and proper release in foreign markets. We believe in fitting the right product with the right distributor, and so we have distribution arrangements with three or four distributors in respective key territories allowing us to choose the most suitable partner on a product by product / label by label basis. That way, not only can we get product to market effectively, but we can be absolutely certain that we have the best specialist on board for repertoire of every genre.  From rock, jazz, metal, hip-hop, classical and world, having the right distribution partner(s) on board, with a direct sales force, not only allows a proper release into distribution, but maximized sales and more revenues for our label partners.

We use MVD Entertainment for fulfillment - warehousing, pick pack and ship. MVD is a major independent in North American distribution having over 350 labels under their umbrella. Using their infrastructure to manage inventory and sales allows our team to remain focused on exploiting rights and securing distribution opportunities, that deliver new found sales for our labels.

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