Who is Planetworks?

Planetworks is an International Sales, Licensing and Distribution company exclusively representing and distributing artists, brands and record labels to markets abroad.  We fill a void providing International Distribution services for North American labels seeking proper exploitation of their content abroad.

What do you do?

Planetworks represents and distributes artists and record labels to markets abroad by distributing to distributors who place physical product on store shelves. We manage foreign distribution processes, inventory, marketing objectives and sales of physical goods by setting up and facilitating an official and proper release of under-exploited products outside of the U.S.

What genres do you do well with?

Planetworks doesn’t focus on certain genres.  What we focus on is fitting the right product and label with the right distribution partner.

What territories do you cover?

We cover them all, except the U.S.  Planetworks has a very wide network of contacts and ongoing relationships in all the key territories worldwide. We work with many distributors in a given territory.

When will my titles be releases abroad?

You tell us!  Planetworks sets up titles 2 or 3 months in advance so titles are properly pitched and pre-sold accordingly.

How can I work with Planetworks?

Call +1(610)-906-3344 or email us and let us know what you got!  

What price will you sell our products for?

It depends on the territory, the going rate of U.S. imports, market objectives, economies of scale and retail pricing & market trends.

How much will this cost me?

You cover the cost of shipping product to our U.S. facility, that's it.  We cover costs of shipping abroad.

Can you license my products?

Yes, of course!  For high priority, commercially viable products, Planetworks will seek out and field offers for foreign licensing arrangements within our network of contacts and ongoing relationships.

Are you an exporter?

No, exporters and brokers simply make the sale, collect and bank their commission check. They don’t look out for their clients, or customers best interest nor build long-term sales. They don’t market brands nor initiate marketing, sales and promotional opportunities in a given territory. They simply make the sale and that’s it.

What territories are you strong in?

Planetworks is strong in all the key markets outside of the U.S.

My label already has official international distribution covered but only in certain territories. Can we work together on a territory by territory basis?

Absolutely! We can exclude territories where you’re already covered.

Are your deals exclusive?

Yes. Planetworks sets up and manages the entire market entry process including official and proper distribution of physical goods in foreign markets.  Our agreements are exclusive with our distribution partners for a given title or label; otherwise, an official and proper release of product into distribution would never work. Official distribution doesn’t warrant, nor does it allow the release of a product by several distributors in the same territory.

I am a retailer located outside of North America, how can we buy your products?

Please contact us at sales@planetworksent.com

I am an individual located outside of North America, how can I buy your products?

Please contact us at sales@planetworksent.com

Do you sell to Amazon outside of the U.S.?

No. Our distribution partners do that when we set up product for an official distribution release.

Are you an online reseller?

No.  We don't connect to data streams in order to sell product at the lowest price and profit margin possible to make money off shipping charges.

Why should I consider International distribution of my products?

Because there’s still a physical goods business!  Sure, sales of physical goods have declined over the years. But, multiply the physical sales you’re getting here in North America by 2, 3, 5 or 10 territories abroad.  The numbers add up!  Planetworks provides you with additional income as your International Division.

If you have additional questions and would like more information, please contact us here

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