Planetworks markets, sells and distributes to distributors abroad while managing an official and proper release of music related content in foreign markets. From strategic planning to logistics down to sales & marketing management and reporting and payment, Planetworks delivers additional income to partnering labels from markets outside of the U.S.

1. Your International Division:

All things International right at your fingers tips without the hassles, pressure and work load doing it yourself.

2. Product Management:

Your content will be marketed and pitched to key international distributors with street dates, release setup, proper pricing, marketing plans, sales tracking and logistics.

3. Licensing:

For key priority products, we'll field offers and negotiate for the very best licensing deal on your behalf.

4. Inventory Tracking & Control:

Stock transfer systems are in place so you know exactly where your product is at all times. 

5. Reporting & Payment:

No chasing reports and collecting payments.  Our accounting and payment system is automated so you get statements and payment on time every month, month after month.

Got a product, or label available for International markets?  Please use our submission form and tellus what you got. 

For more information, please contact us directly.

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